Project Description

EN41B steel is a nitriding steel which has at least 1.4%Cr,0.9%Al,and 0.1%Mo as strengthening elements. It will obtain high wear & abrasion resistance,high toughness,and excellent ductility after nitrided.EN41B is defined by its suitability for nitriding from which can give material a hard wear resistant case up to 68HRC, better than nitriding grade EN40B.It is generally supplied with annealed condition.

En41B forged round bar

1.Supply Form & Size & Tolerance

Hot rolled round bar:Φ20-Φ200mm,Length:3000-6000mm

Hot Forged round bar:Φ130-Φ1000mm,Length:3000-10000mm

Flat bar/Blcoks:Thickness :120-800mm xWidth:120-1500mm,Length:2000-6000mm

Surface FinishBlack-Forged Black-Rolled Turned   GrindingPolishedPeeledCold Drawn
Tolerance(0,+5mm)(0,+1mm)(0,+3mm)Best h9Best h11Best H11Best H11

2.Chemical Composition

EN41B0.35-0.450.1-0.45≤ 0.65≤ 0.035≤ 0.0351.4-1.80.9-1.30.1-0.25

3.Relevant Standards

905M39/905M3138CrMoAlSACM64540CAD6.12 /30CAD6.12

4. Mechanical Property

ConditionTensile Strength,MpaYield Strength,MpaElongation, %Izod,KCV JHardness,HB
Mechanical Property at Quenched and Tempered condition
Tensile Strength,MpaYield Strength ,MpaElongation, %Reduction of Area,%Impact,J


EN41B steel forging temperature:850 – 1200°C ,cooling as slowly as possible in sand after forged.

6.Heat Treatment

  • Normalizing:  930 – 970°C,Cooling in air
  • Annealing:840 – 870°C,Cooling in furnace,Hardness:max 229HB
  • Hardening:930 – 970°C,water or oil quench
  • Tempering:600 – 650°C,Cooling in air
  • Nitriding: 500-600°C. Hardness after nitridng is 1000-1100HV.


EN41B is used for applications which requires high wear resistance and abrasion in the automotive, textile and general engineering industries.
Typical applications: connecting rods, small extruders, valve stems, brick press plates, clutch plates, gudgeon, track and shackle pins,injection moulding equipment, hydraulic cylinders, gears and pinions, die inserts, valve and gate parts, cams, piston pins, etc.

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