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AISI P20 plastic mold tool steel Manufacturer and Exporter,supplied with round,square,flat,block,and shaft etc.AISI P20 is a Cr-Mo alloyed steel as per ASTM A681.It is generally supplied in the hardened and tempered condition with hardness 285-340 HBW.Compared with P20+S(1.2312),  it has good polishing and texturing properties,good machinability,and uniform hardness.P20 |1.2311 tool steel

1.Supply Form & Size & Tolerance

Supply FormSize(mm)ProcessTolerance

Φ6-Φ100Cold DrawnBright/Black Best H11


Hot Rolled
Peeled/ground Best H11


Hot Forged
Rough Turned-0/+3mm

Thickness :120-800
Hot Forged
Rough Machined-0/+3mm

Remark:Tolerance can be customized as per requests

2.Chemical Composition

ASTM A681P200.28-0.40.2-0.80.6-
DIN ISO 49571.23110.35-0.450.2-0.41.3-
GB/T 12993Cr2Mo0.28-0.40.2-0.80.6-

3.Physical Property

Temperature 20°C200°C
Modulus of elasticity,N/mm2250000200000
Coefficient of thermal expansion,per °C from 20°C12.7 x 10 ^–6
Thermal conductivity,W/mk2929.5
Specific heat,J/kg °C460

4. Mechanical Property

Testing temperature 20°C200°C
Tensile strength Rm,N/mm2 1020930
Yield strength Rp 0.2,N/mm2900800
Compressive yield strength Rc 0.2,N/mm2850-1000
Elongation ,%20
Charpy-v impact,J27


Heat AISI P20 to the temperature  700 oC ,hold for suitable time,then heat the temperature uniformly to 900 oC – 1100 oC.Forging below 870°C is not recommended for P20. Cooling in sand after forged.

6.Stress Relieving

After rough machining ,P20 should be heated through to500- 550°C, holding time 2 hours. Cool slowly in the furnace  to room temperature.


Heat P20 in a protective atmosphere (preferably a controlled atmosphere furnace) to 720-750°C,and hold for one hour per inch of thickness. Cool in the furnace at 10°Ccper hour to 600°C,Then air-cool to room temperature.The resulting hardness Is Brinell 235 max.


Preheating temperature: 500–600°C
Austenitizing temperature: 880°C.

The steel should be heated through to the austenitizing temperature and hold at temperature for 30 minutes. Protect the tool against decarburization and oxidation during the hardening process.

Quenching Media
• High speed gas/circulating atmosphere. (Only suitable for small dimensions)
• Oil (Warm oil (65-80°C))
• Martempering bath 300°C, max. 4 minutes,then air cool
Note: Temper immediately when tool reaches 50–70°C.


Choose the tempering temperature according to the hardness required by reference to the tempering graph. Temper twice with intermediate cooling to room temperature. Lowest tempering temperature 180°Cfor small inserts, but preferred minimum is 250°C, unless material is to be nitride or nitrocarburized later. Holding time at temperature minimum 2 hours.



AISI P20 tool steels are used for low temperature applications that include injection molds and die casting dies. Typical application are:

• For large injection and compression molds
• Extrusion dies for thermoplastics
• Blow molds
• High strength holders, plates and bolsters
• Forming tools, press-brake dies (possibly flame hardened or nitrided)
• Aluminum die casting prototype dies
• Zinc die casting dies
• Long run die shoes
• Structural components, shafts

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