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AISI 1020 steel  is a low hardenability and low tensile carbon steel which has a nominal 0.22%C and 0.55%Mn. It has excellent weldability,good machinability ,and high ductility with Brinell hardness of 119 – 235 and tensile strength of 410-790 MPa. It is normally used in turned and polished or cold drawn condition. Due to its low carbon content, it is resistant to induction hardening or flame hardening. Due to lack of alloying elements, it will not respond to nitriding. However, carburization is possible in order to obtain case hardness more than Rc65 for smaller sections that reduces with an increase in section size. Core strength will remain as it has been supplied for all the sections. Alternatively, carbon nitriding can be performed, offering certain benefits over standard carburizing.AISI 1020 forged round bar

1.AISI 1020 steel Supply Form & Size &Tolerance

Form of SupplySize(mm)Length(mm)
Round barΦ6-Φ10003000-10000
Square bar100 x 100-600x6003000-6000

Flat bar/Blcoks
Thickness :120-800
Surface FinishBlack-ForgedBlack-RolledRough Turned   GrindingPolishedPeeledCold Drawn
Tolerance(0,+5mm)(0,+1mm)(0,+3mm)Best h9Best h11Best H11Best H11

2.Chemical Composition & Related Specifications

10200.17-0.23≤ 0.40.30-0.60≤ 0.04≤ 0.05
C22/1.0402 EN3/070M2020#S20C

3.Physical Property

Modulus of elasticity [10^3x N/mm2]: 210
Density [g/cm^3]: 7.70
Thermal conductivity [W/m.K]: 51.9
Electric resistivity [Ohm mm^2/m]: 0.11
Specific heat capacity[J/g.K]: 0.46

4. AISI 1020 steel Mechanical Property

Diameter mmTensile Strength MpaYield Strength MpaElongation %Reduction of area %Condition
≤ 16500 - 650≥ 340≥20≥50
Quenched and tempered
>16 – 40470 - 620≥290≥22≥50
≤ 16≥430≥240≥24
>16 – 100≥410≥3210≥25

5.AISI 1020 steel Forging

Forging temperature:950-1200℃,air cooling after forging.

6.AISI 1020 Heat Treatment

Normalising:880 – 920°C,air cooling
Soft annealing:680 – 710°C,furnace cooling
Hardening:860 – 900°C,water quench
Tempering:550 – 660°C,air cooling


AISI 1020 steel can be largely utilized in all industrial sectors in order to enhance weldability or machinability properties. It is used in a variety of applications due to its cold drawn or turned and polished finish property.

AISI 1020 steel is also  used in case hardened condition,and it finds use in the following components:

  • axles
  • general engineering parts and components
  • machinery parts
  • shafts
  • camshafts
  • gudgon pins
  • ratchets
  • light duty gears
  • worm gears
  • spindles
  • cold headed bolts
  • automotive components
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